Shapeshifter hunt

Jesper bisgaard

The runners are hired to kill a shapeshifter who recently arrived in town. Mr Johnson wants the shifters corps returned.

The shapeshifter is hiding out in a park in Bellevou and has two shaman friends protecting him and his presence in astral space and there are 12 ghouls living in the sewers around the park who also aid the shifter. The shapeshifter is a huge brown hairs man with a scar across the right eye and is well connected in the magic community. He has come to Seattle to find another shapeshifter "Mave" who has been missing for some time. Mave has been captured by Mitsuhama and is being held hostage in an isolation cell in the basement of a hidden lab in an old apartment building. Mitsuhama is doing research into shapeshifter anatomy and how to use it for military purposes and they are using Mave as a lab rat. The laboratory is being guarded by 5 drones controlled by a rigger and 6 guards. There are 10 scientists in the lab.