Search for the elvish song stones

Jesper bisgaard

A dwarf in an expensive suade suite hires the runners to find five elvish song stones. A song stone is a jewel imbued with magical properties to play music and display wonderful visual colors at the same time. They each go for around 10.000 on the black marked. He offers the runners 3000¥ for each stone they get.

There are sixteem stones in Seattle and they are divided between 6 people.

  1. An elven black marked dealer has 2 stones.
  2. A human stock broker has 3 stone.
  3. A famous human singer has1 stones.
  4. The space needle has 1 on display.
  5. A local business owner has 2 stones (Gregory Jones).
  6. The seattle museum of arts has 7 stones on display, borrowed to them by the Tir Tairngire.